Ways to Apply

The Dublin Community Foundation welcomes grant applications from non-profit, tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) organizations serving the Dublin community and immediately surrounding communities. Grants are awarded twice a year by the Dublin Community Foundation.

2019 Deadlines

Spring: Friday, March 15, 2019

Fall: Dates Coming Soon

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be exempt under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service and registered with the State of Ohio as a non-profit organization
  • Must support the mission and vision of The Dublin Community Foundation:
    • Inspiring and nurturing a culture of giving to enrich our community.
    • In a spirit of collaboration, we seek to identify transformative community initiatives to enrich and advance the quality of life for the citizens of Dublin.
  • Must be in compliance with reporting requirements if prior Foundation grants were received.

Priorities for Funding

  • The project is likely to continue and expand after the grant period expires
  • Applicant has explored other potential funding sources
  • Grant award will serve as “seed money” for new and dynamic projects
  • The project stimulates cooperation among agencies without duplication of services
  • Foundation support would be vital or important to project success
  • Innovative and efficient use of funds is demonstrated
  • The project is a well-planned approach to solving a problem, delivering services or providing opportunities
  • The project impacts a broad segment of the community or assists those who are not being adequately served by the community’s resources

Application Submission

Email the application information listed below to info@dublinfoundation.org or fill out the template in the bottom of this page.

Follow-up Report

A follow-up report will be due within nine months of receiving funds. Failure to submit the grant follow-up report in a timely and complete manner could result in a disapproval of future grant applications. Follow-up report should include:

  • How funds were spent
  • A description of activities, outcomes, community impact of the project
  • Examples of publications/collateral that demonstrate use of the Dublin Community Foundation logo, verbal/written credit of the Dublin Community Foundation’s support and any other manner where The Dublin Community Foundation’s support was included 


Members of the Foundation’s Grant Committee are available to assist applicants in the preparation of the proposal. Please email info@dublinfoundation.org.

Dublin Community Foundation Grant Application

  • Section II - Organization Summary

    • - Organization's mission, vision, values, and history
    • - Current programs, projects, activities
    • - Evidence of organization's overall effectiveness
    • - Audiences and geographic region served by your organization.
  • Section III – Project Name and Description

    • - Goals, objectives, and desired outcomes
    • - Timeline or duration
    • - Explanation of how you are collaborating with other organizations
    • - Audiences and geographic regions served by this project.
    • - Steps that will be taken to achieve the goals of the project
    • - Resources that will enable you to continue and maintain this project
    Also, include explanations of:
    • - Whether this a new project or a continuation of an existing project
    • - How this project is similar or different from other community projects
  • Section IV – Project Need and Benefit

  • Explain the benefit to the community. Provide research or data that demonstrates that this need exists.

    How is your organization positioned to address this need or benefit? Describe how this need or benefit aligns with the Foundation's mission and vision.

  • Section V – Evaluation and Results

  • - What criteria will you use?
    - How will the project's stakeholders, customers, or clients be involved in evaluating the project?
    - How will you share your results with stakeholders?
  • Section VI – Budget and Funding Plan

  • Describe your plan to secure funding from other sources including, but not limited to: in-kind services, events fundraisers, grants, ticket sales, sponsorships.

    - What is the fundraising responsibility of your board?
    - If this is an ongoing project, what is your funding plan?
    - How will your project be impacted if funding is not secured?
  • Section VII – Required Attachments

    • Organization budget for current fiscal year
    • Project budget
    • Two most recently completed Form 990s
    • Most recently completed audit
    • Letter of support from the organization’s board or governing body.
    • Letters of support from collaborating organizations, if applicable
    • Lists and amounts of grants received the last two years, if applicable.
  • Drop files here or